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Question: Renewing an ILL Item


  • Login at the single sign-on screen using your MUNet ID and password.
  • Press the button "Checked Out Items" to display everything checked out to your username.
  • Select the item that you wish to renew by pressing the appropriate transaction number button to the left. You will then see detailed information about that request.
  • Check to see if renewals are allowed (there is a question towards the bottom of the page "Renewals Allowed?"). If renewals are allowed, press the button "Request Renewal" at the top right hand corner of the screen. If renewals are not allowed, please return the book as soon as possible to prevent receiving overdue letters.
  • After renewing a request, you will be notified that "This item has been renewed for another 2 weeks. There can be no further renewals."
  • Once the item has been renewed the due date will automatically reflect the two week renewal and the "Renewals Allowed?" answer will change to "no".
  • Then "Return to the List" where you may view/renew other items checked out to your username. You may also choose to "Exit to the Main Menu".
  • When you are finished using Interlibrary Loan, please exit by pressing the button labeled "Exit IDS Express System" at the top of the Main Menu.


Answered By: Stephen Tipler
Last Updated: Dec 26, 2017 Views: 4