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Question: I live too far away. Can someone on your staff do research for me in the Special Collection's Department?


Research requests involve searches for unspecified material about a particular subject which may be located in one or more collections. All research requests will cost $25.00 per hour paid in advance for a maximum of one hour. If nothing is found, no more than one hour's charge will be assessed. If more than one hour is required, the patron will be notified before additional fees are charged. An example is a request for copies of articles in the Parthenon about Homecoming during the 1960s. Additional fees will be assessed for photocopying, postage and handling.

All fees are to be paid before the work is done. Checks or money order should be made out to “Marshall University Libraries”. The department reserves the right to increase the following fees for large requests that would require extensive use of resources and staff time to complete.  Please allow ten working days after receipt of payment for your research request to be processed.

Additional information can be found on the Special Collections Fees page.

Answered By: Lori Thompson
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