Question: How do I help prevent cheating on tests and quizzes on Blackboard?


Using Respondus LockDown Browser for Testing in Blackboard

The Lockdown Browser feature used for testing allows students to take a secure test without having access to other websites or programs on the computer. (This feature requires special software to be loaded on the computer the student uses for the test. Contact the Design Center if you need the software or have any questions about this process).

To lock down the browser for testing:

  1. Select one of your courses. 
  2. Verify the Respondus Lockdown Broswer option is active.
    • Go to Course Management within the Side Navigation Menu > Control Panel > select Customization > Tool Availability.
    • Items on the Tool Availability page are listed alphabetically, scroll down to Respondus Lockdown Browser and place a checkmark in the Available column.
    • Click the Submit button
  3. Go into your Course Tools under Control Panel within the Side Navigation Menu.
  4. Select the Respondus Lockdown Browser option. 
    • ​​Displayed on the Respondus Lockdown Broswer page are the tests deployed within your Class Materials.
  5. Click the button to the left of the test or quiz you want to lock down and select Modify Settings.
  6. From LockDown Browser Settings, select the option to Require Respondus LockDown Browser.
  7. Enter a Test password. Entering a password is optional. If you decide to use this feature, contact the Design Center to help set it up.
  8. Click the Save and Close button.

Verify some test settings you may find confusing.

  1. Go into your Course Content, locate the test you just locked down. Notice the title states "Requires LockDown Browser".
  2. From the down arrow to the right of the title, select Edit Test Options.

    Section 2, Test Availability, this is where you make the test available to your students.

    Note the password listed here is an encrypted password that Blackboard assigns from the previous step. 
    DO NOT change this password.
  3. Make your selections accordingly in all other sections.
  4. Click the Submit button.

Answered By: Gillian Sochor
Last Updated: Dec 04, 2017 Views: 9