Question: Why can't I see all of my courses in the My Courses module on the Welcome Page?



Blackboard Learn has a limitation on the number of course shells that will display in the My Courses module of the Welcome Page.

One Method

If you have a lot of courses on your list, then you will see this message near the bottom of the module: "You are currently enrolled in too many courses to view them all here."  And just below it is the link "more courses...->"   

Clicking the link allows you to browse your courses.  You can search based on course name, term or id of a course.  You can also browse a term's worth of courses.  The term browser list shows 25 courses per page so you might need to go through several pages to find the course of interest.

Second Method

In the top right corner of your Course List, a small gear will appear when you hover your mouse over the corner. When you click that gear, you will be shown a list of the courses you are enrolled in. You can check or uncheck boxes next to the course name in order to hide or unhide each course as you need.

Answered By: Gillian Sochor
Last Updated: Dec 04, 2017 Views: 6