Question: What happens to all of my grading using Crocodoc (Inline Annotations)?


Annotations made in Crocodoc will not be editable when they are migrated to New Box View – they will be burned into the document. This applies to any existing annotation on a submission in Crocodoc – regardless of whether the assignment has been released to students or not. While the Crocodoc service will technically reach end-of-life, the databases that contain student-submitted data and documents won’t be deleted or destroyed. The data will still be available for migrations that occur after the end-of-life date, as well as for critical situations such as grade challenges. The Crocodoc service will display a “Service Unavailable” message to users after this date. Blackboard is working with Box to define a long-term strategy for the decommission of Crocodoc servers permanently.

**We recommend downloading the most recent graded papers that may have grade appeals, for ease of access. Crocodoc was no longer available as of January 2018.

Answered By: Gillian Sochor
Last Updated: Jun 22, 2018 Views: 6